Issue 4

Letters in Applied NanoBioScience, Volume 4, Issue 4, (December 30th ) 2015

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Ran Liu, Cécile Formosa, Adilia Dagkessamanskaia, Etienne Dague, Jean-Marie François,  Hélène Martin-Yken

Combining atomic force microscopy and genetics to investigate the role of KNR4 in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae sensitivity to K9 killer toxin

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Lifang Shi, Allard Katan, Jianli Zhao, Miquel Salmeron, Gang-yu Liu

High-Resolution Imaging of Cells Using Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy

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Véronique Lachaize, Cécile Formosa, Georgiy Smolyakov, Céline Guilbeau-Frugier, Céline Galés, Etienne Dague

Atomic Force Microscopy: an innovative technology to explore cardiomyocyte cell surface in cardiac physio/pathophysiology

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