Issue 1

Letters in Applied NanoBioScience, Volume 4, Issue 1, (March 30th ) 2015

(1) Editorial: Targeted and controlled drug delivery through nanomaterial methods

Kimberly R. Kam, Po-Chang Chiang

(2) Evaluation of nanoparticle formation feasibility upon wet milling based on physicochemical properties of drug molecules

Kang-Jye Chou, Linda Bao, Kimberly R Kam, Christine Gu, Po-Chang Chiang

(3) Effects of DMSA-Fe2O3@DOX nanoconjugate on tumor HEPG2 cells

Guowei Hu, Song Zhang, Lulu Zhang, Fuming He, Xin Wang, Xinli Liu

(4) Investigation of intrinsic dissolution rate based absorption model to predict exposure enhancement via nanosuspensionformulation of 1, 3-dicyclohexylurea in rats

Po-Chang Chiang, Kimberly R Kam, Kang-Jye Chou

(5) Formulation hydrophobicity on in vitro drug release of crizotinib-loaded PLGA nanoparticles

Hsi-Wei Yeh, Jing He, Da-Ren Chen

(6) Insights into ultrasonic release from eLiposomes

Marjan Javadi, William G. Pitt

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