Issue 2

Letters in Applied NanoBioScience, Volume 4, Issue 2, (June 30th ) 2015

(1) Editorial: Photonic and photochromic materials in material science, nanotechnology and nano-biosciences

Shah M. Reduwan Billah

(2) Phase separation and photo-induced deformation of domain structures of azobenzene-based photochromic amorphous molecular materials–poly(vinyl acetate) hybrid films

Ryoji Ichikawa, Hideyuki Nakano

(3) Photoinduced molecular orientation of catalytic-like chiral azo-schiff base complexes in PMMA or laccase matrices

Chigusa Kominato, Takashiro Akitsu

(4) A thermochromic ormosil coating used in smart windows

Yongzeng Fang, QinghuaMeng, Guoqing Wang,Hong Jiang,Shi Xu

(6) A study on the behaviour of photochromic acid and disperse dyes on dyed textile and leather substrates using colour measurement techniques and a semi-empirical approach to explain the observed phenomena

Shah M. Reduwan Billah

(7) Molecular switches and their applications in intelligent paper, textile and leather substrates

Shah M. Reduwan Billah



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